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Spray Tan in Ten specializes in hand held airbrush tanning services that are personally tailored to each individual’s needs and body type.  Our specialist creates natural looking tans by mixing high quality organic solutions to create the perfect color for each client.  The solution used is not only organic, It’s gluten free, paraben free, and aloe and vitamin E based.  We also offer add ons that extend the life of your tan and leave your skin feeling supple and soft. 

With Spray Tan in Ten, you “Get Your Glow the Healthy Way”.


Full Body Spray $75 | Half Body Spray $38 | Face Only $25

Express Tan $90 - Rinse in half the time. Just 2 hours for a healthy glow, or leave on 4 or more for a warmer look. The longer you leave it on, the darker you can go. The time left on the skin is based on your skin tone. Our professional will recommend the proper time to leave it on the skin before rinsing.

Packages - 6 Customized Tans $390 | 6 Express Tans $450

Membership - 6 Month Membership $165/month - Receive 3 tans per month with a 6 month contract. This is the best deal so you can keep a nice glow throughout the winter and a beautiful tan throughout the summer without damaging your skin with the harmful rays from the sun.

Fitness Competition Spray Tan $150 - The tan is the second most important step in preparing for your competition.  We use a high definition color that accentuates your physique without washing out your tan under those bright stage lights.  Our technician specializes in giving you exceptional results and excentuates all of your hard work in the gym.