No salon makes you feel more welcome than Fabio Doti. It’s one big happy family there. They clearly have expertise in coloring because they do lots of it. And few places seem to have almost as many men as women getting haircuts. From the massage chairs at the sinks for hair wash, to the scalp massages the washers give better place.
Oh, the cappuccino is pretty damn good too.
Jeffrey Z | Manhattan, NY | Yelp
Fabio Doti is my go-to place for blowouts in the Financial District! Everyone at Fabio Doti is extremely nice and I’ve had great experiences getting my hair styled by Elena and Nordia. I had been searching for years for a good place to get blowouts near Wall Street and stumbled upon Fabio Doti by chance about 6 months ago. Needless to say, I haven’t been to another salon since! They also have a great 3-pack blow dry option that is a great deal as well.
— Beverly | Brooklyn, NY
Best experience I’ve ever had! Firstly, what Claudia does is magic! My hair has never been able to keep shape after styling for too long, but after she took care of me, my hair-do lasted for a whole day. She is truly amazing, and super sweet. I was very impressed not only with my hair, but with how lovely the whole staff is! Fabio is definitely on top of his game and makes sure every single customer is taken care of. This has become my go-to place in the city!
— Clara | Rochester, NY
Looking for the perfect salon experience? LOOK NO FURTHER. YOU FOUND IT! It’s one of the financial district’s best kept secrets, but only because it hasn’t been open for very long. Book your appointments now, ladies, because the word is going to get out!!!! Beautiful salon, amazingly talented stylists, incredible customer just doesn’t get any better than this. Period.

Fabio, you and your team are AMAZING! See you again soon!
— Emily | New York, NY
I cannot begin to express my love for this salon. Today was my first time in a hair salon in YEARS due to so many bad experiences.

After reading Yelp reviews on Guiseppe, I decided to book a color appointment with him for a balage. THIS MAN IS EXTREMELY TALENTED! Wow. What a first impression. Professional, extremely experienced, you can tell this all comes naturally to him. He is so personable and sweet too! He took his time talking with me and somehow knew exactly what I wanted and what would work best for my current hair color (I’ve box dyed my hair to black for years) and skin tone too! It’s not often that a colorist will evaluate your skin tone and choose a color based on that. I would travel across the country to have him do my color again.

My cut was done by Fabio. The owner of the salon. I was blown away by his talent. I can say that I have NEVER ONCE had a haircut that I’ve loved until he touched my hair. Wow again. He constantly checked on me while my color was processing to chit chat with me and make me feel comfortable since I was there for about 4 hours. His technique is amazing. I have very long hair that I am protective of and its very dry. He didn’t pressure me to cut it short or do anything drastic but instead he listed reasons why I would benefit from removing the damaged ends. Absolutely blown away by his talent...I highly recommend this salon!
— Marla | Flemington, NJ
I found Fabio mainly because I wanted to try something new and closer to my office...and I am very glad I did.

I have very fine hair and multiple cowlicks, which I know make my hair very hard to cut. I’ve only had two cuts with Fabio so far, but I definitely plan to continue going. I am very particular, and without much direction, Fabio did a great job. In the past I would have to be sitting there essentially directing stylists how to cut my hair. I am very glad to have finally found someone who doesn’t need that.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have the best wash chairs and staff I have come across in a salon. I sat in a massage chair while Victoria gave me a much longer than required scalp massage.

I would definitely recommend Fabio to anyone. The space is very nice and the price is quite reasonable by NY standards. While I wouldn’t want to encourage raising prices... I would totally pay a higher price for the same cut.
— James | New York, NY
I have been to many hair salons in the downtown area before, but Fabio Doti is by far my most favorite. Fabio (the owner) personally greeted me and made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in. I was looking to get a hair color, but was not exactly sure what color I was looking for. Fabio and Claudia both sat down with me and asked me bunch of questions. It felt like a nice conversation with my friends. Before I realized, Claudia came back with a photo that suggested the color that would be perfect for my skin tone and the upcoming spring season. I fell in love with the color instantly. I could definitely tell that these guys knew what they were doing and that I was in good hands.

Claudia took an expert approach to my hair. I have never had my highlights done in such a skillful, almost artistic way. After considering my natural hair color, length, and the shape of my face, she basically customized the amount of color she would apply onto each hair strap so it gives me more natural look. Both Claudia and Ashley (who washed my hair and gave it a blow dry) were very professional and extremely knowledgeable about different hair treatments, and pretty much anything I asked them about. Fabio kept stopping by and chatted with me during my treatments. Everyone in the salon was just very friendly, personable. They all gave me recommendations on how to treat my hair at home to keep it healthy and beautiful. I especially enjoyed these young people around me and felt truly cared for. The result was amazing (see photo). Thank you, Fabio, Claudia and Ashley!
— Veronika | Jersey City, NJ
Love the service,love the keratin treatment,love my haircut,love my color.. what else.......oh the cappucino!! Fabio,giuseppe and team are stellar!
Mindy S. | Brooklyn, NY | Yelp
Have been to both locations this one and Greenwhich location and this is hands down the best salon in the financial district! And it’s so close to Wall Street. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high quality stylist and amazing service!
Joseph T | New York, NY | Yelp