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Curl Whiz Extraordinaire / Ca-ca-ca-curly-club member!

Whether your hair is super medium or mildly coarse or even if you have fine soft curls the battle is getting these hair types to look healthy shiny and frizz free. 3 things are necesary

  1. Proper cleansing
  2. Balanced moisturizing
  3. Customized finishing to keep textured hair not just looking and feeling its best but absolutely being its best.

Textured hair takes a bigger beating in the summer. Beach pool parks all the fun of summer.

The best thing to do is first give your hair a big dose of a customized treatment.

Kerestasse has a treatment collection, that upon a evaluation of your hair, can be customized and cocktailed to provide maximum results and in just five minutes.

Along with Kerestasse's brand new take home luxe haircare to support continued results for gorge silky frizz free hair.

Claudia DeCicco -

Want to change your color with out the damage and high maintenance?

if someone comes at you with foils, run! This is not what you need as a woman with curly hair. it doesn't pick up where your curl naturally falls. Giving curly club members an exclusive way of highlighting. Lucky you, breezy Natural Ombre.

When curly hair from the summer has already lightened from the sun, you can have this look through fall and winter.

Que Rico!

After taking numerous classes on different techniques Ive created my own  for highlighting textured hair. It is designed to the curl pattern each individual possesses .

This can be a natural look and can be worn straight and curly. This helps give shine and a sunkissed look.


Hair Transforamatin With Fusio-Dose

Fuzio-dose is an intense concentrate that can be combined with different hair treatments all in one!  When you come in to see us at the salon , you will have a free consultation with a professional diagnosis of your hair condition to customize the perfect dose for your hair needs!  The 4 booster caps offer different benefits that allow you to intermix with the various concentrates for an intense dose of healthiness!  They can be used as often as you wish and should become part of your ritual salon treatment.

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Prep + Relax + Repeat

Going from the bright, easy breezy lifestyle of summer to the cold frigid winter is always an adjustment.

We all had fun in the sun, enjoying the beach , rooftop pools, tanning and outdoor activities but this always leaves your hair in bad shape. Dry and brittle, how do you get ahead of the game and treat your hair and have it always looking good?


Often times people tend to go darker for the fall and winter both hair and clothing. If you dont want a huge change and are willing to do a small amount of color Guiseppe Bicceri reccomend face framing highlights.

In a salon a colorist worth his weight in gold, looks at your skin tone and can go one shade lighter to give you the amazing effects.

  • Your skin looks brighter and healthier without makeup
  • Your face is highlighted


For your cut, Elena O. says mix it up!

A nice bob is a drastic change one can make to refresh your look and give hair a change to grow in strong and healthy. If your not into that...

The modern bob has changed in ways that one can only imagine and helps it become the go to look for tons of diferent types of people and faces.

Duality of Space

The debut of Fabio Doti's art exhibit event was a huge success!  We were so pleased to have all the wonderful guest's that attended... What a fabulous time we had!!  We look forward to the next one!  Here are some images we would like to share of the special night.  Thank you to all that were involved!

Introducing...“Duality of Space”

As I have been in many galleries and museums, I often take notice in how the space symbiotically enhances the artwork.  I wonder if per se the work were displayed in an informal setting would it change the way we view, feel and value the artwork? Is any space good to exhibit art? What would be the criteria for an “art space”?

Aside from that, what about the work? How would the space establish a sense of quality, purpose and promotion of the artwork?

A lot to think about when considering a suitable art environment. Leading me to consider the qualities of what contributes to a great balanced art space where both space as well as the artwork equally compliment one another.

Here at the Fabio Doti Salon we share particulars about our comfortable, graceful space that's aesthetically stylish.  The salon has a special energy that encapsulates creativity.  The environment is incredibly graceful that alleviates stress as it fosters relaxation.  This arrangement of elements consist of the perfect qualities to implement artwork.  We have the ideal space that will subtly support and strengthen artwork.

With this, we are launching our first artist debut with an arrangement of provocative, textural, abstract art.  Our featured artist is Liam Dean, a self-taught artist and a native to Philadelphia, Pa.

The work compliments the salon in such a way, enabling viewers to be engaged, making a connection to clearly see that any particular piece would be quite relevant in their home.  The artwork is extremely versatile and welcoming to all levels of art admirers.