Spring Fever

Undergoing a long slumber of cold and dormant winter, it's time to rid ourselves of the doldrum, listlessness that the gloomy winter has put us through. We are more than ready to blossom into a daring spring!

Ginger up!

Every morning we see and hear the action of Spring conducting its flourishing beauty...the birds are chirping, the wind is soft and breezy, the flowers are blooming-everything is full of life! It's the point in time where we need to buzz back exuberantly while refreshing our energy to look and feel alive!

What better way to have immediate revitalization than preparing your hair with new color and style to “liven up” yourself?!


Here at Fabio Doti Salon we create the SPRING FEVER look inspired by the Italian technique “Shatush”....this is a style of highlighting that emulates a natural glisten to your hair as if it has been brightened by the sun! The key is to create soft dimension and movement with healthy beautiful color!

Shatush is the perfect way to lift and brighten your hair and spirits to catch that spring fever!

Pluck some fresh flowers right from the garden and arrange them in your hair to complete a look that is blooming with style!!

Stylist Giuseppe Bicceri Photographer Valerio D'urso copyright  .

Stylist Giuseppe Bicceri Photographer Valerio D'urso copyright.

A perfect solution for a natural spring hairstyle!! Braid and flowers- romantic, elegant and beautifully natural. A wonderful idea for women who love up do's with long hair charm!