Prep + Relax + Repeat

Going from the bright, easy breezy lifestyle of summer to the cold frigid winter is always an adjustment.

We all had fun in the sun, enjoying the beach , rooftop pools, tanning and outdoor activities but this always leaves your hair in bad shape. Dry and brittle, how do you get ahead of the game and treat your hair and have it always looking good?


Often times people tend to go darker for the fall and winter both hair and clothing. If you dont want a huge change and are willing to do a small amount of color Guiseppe Bicceri reccomend face framing highlights.

In a salon a colorist worth his weight in gold, looks at your skin tone and can go one shade lighter to give you the amazing effects.

  • Your skin looks brighter and healthier without makeup
  • Your face is highlighted


For your cut, Elena O. says mix it up!

A nice bob is a drastic change one can make to refresh your look and give hair a change to grow in strong and healthy. If your not into that...

The modern bob has changed in ways that one can only imagine and helps it become the go to look for tons of diferent types of people and faces.