Hair Focus: Color Gloss

color hair gloss

Restore hydration, regain luster and create radiance is the goal! It's time to maintain healthy looking hair and keep the hair alive with shine!  It's all about the Gloss!!

Hair Gloss is designed to tighten and seal the hair cuticles.  Resulting in a high gloss shine that locks moisture in and protects the hair from daily environmental stress. It's the perfect solution for the "color shy" client as it last for 4-6 weeks and does not change the internal nature of the hair.

There are two types of hair Gloss: Color Gloss and Clear Gloss.


 With Autumn upon us, it's the perfect moment for a change!  With a Color Gloss you can enhancethe color subtlety enlivening your hair!  GLOW, GLOW, GLOW!

Request a Color Gloss  in a complementary color to your current hue (within two to three shades) to enrich your color.  Also, as an "in between refresher" to your permanent color services to boost the color.  Additionally, can be used to tone down hair color or highlights that are too bright or brassy!


Don't say "good bye" to the way the summer sun makes your hair glisten.....say "hello" to Clear Gloss to keep that summer sparkle all year round!  SHINE ON!!!  Not only does Gloss make your hair glimmer, it beautifully decreases the coarseness and frizz of your hair! 

Leaving a soft, lustrous and healthy appearance without adding color.  Clear Gloss is also great for color treated hair as it increases the color longevity while protecting hair from fading.