Choosing The Right Paddle Brush

So many brushes, so many types of hair, so many styles to wear, so many decisions... now what??

NO WORRIES!!! We are here as your guiding light in determining what brush is right for all your different hair needs!

Fabio Doti Paddle Brushes $25.00

Fabio Doti Paddle Brushes $25.00

Our “chosen one” is the reigning Paddle Brush or as we like to refer to it as “The Queen”! The Paddle Brush is the predominant leader of all brush types as its versatility for all hair characteristics as well as styles makes it the essential brush to have for your every needs!

First and foremost, it is important to be knowledgeable of the various types of paddle brushes to make the appropriate choice. The Paddle Brush designs are cushioned, oval and square . Take into consideration your hair characteristics and what style you would like to achieve in deciding what type of brush is right for your hair needs.

Additionally, the Paddle Brush is for more than just styling!

Paddle Brush benefits:

  • Can be used for all hair types.

  • The design is wide which makes it great for penetrating hair.

  • Amazing for detangling hair.

  • Essential daily brush-for all hair types!

  • Smoothes, shapes and polishes hair.

  • Massages the scalp while cleaning the hair shaft, follicle and removing dirt in the scalp.

  • Stimulates the release of an oil called sebum. Sebum cos and protects the hair shaft while moisturizing and imparting a healthy sheen to your hair.

  • Cushion allows for cooling an airflow when blow drying.

Now that we have a little knowledge about the Paddle Brush dynamics, let's talk about style! We need to figure out what kind of style you would like to show whether it's long, sleek and smooth or short to medium length hair with bounce and volume- we have the answers on which type of paddle brush to use for your particular style!

Paddle Brush Style Guide:

Best for detangling hair while preventing damage or breakage

Helpful hints:

  1. Begin at the ends of hair, brush hair down ward.
  2. Moving in small sections upward towards the scalp continue brushing hair downward till hair is completely smooth.

Ultimate for longer hair styles to create smooth, sleek and shiny styles without lots of volume:


  1. Gently lift hair at the roots and sweep down the hair shaft.
  2. Follow your brushstrokes with the blow dryer.

Note: This technique works wonders as a finisher for curly, frizzy or wavy hair.

For short to medium length hair with volume and bounce:


  1. Start at the roots lifting upward then make a curving motion downward while blow drying it in the opposite direction.
  2. For the ends of your hair, use the same motion choosing upward, downward or alternate both to create some wave and movement to your look!